Ultimate Mahjongg 20

Ultimate Mahjongg 20

A set of various modifications of the Mahjong game
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Play Mahjong according to different sets of rules. Select your favourite classic game mode or learn a new variation. Modify sets, layouts, and gameplay mechanics according to the different styles. Use built-in backgrounds or upload custom images for visualization.

With the most tile sets, the most layouts, the most backgrounds AND the most ways to play, no wonder Ultimate Mahjongg is the no. 1 series! Select your favorite classic Mahjongg game, or learn a new variation.

Get the most fun out of Mahjongg with the most layouts, the most tile sets & the most ways to play!

Challenge Yourself With Creative Tile Layouts.
Test your skill and try your patience with fun 3D Mahjongg layouts, or create your own with the Layout Editor!

Awesome Mahjongg Variations!
Play your favorite classic Mahjongg

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